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Case Study

Enhacing Onboarding at a Global Corporation

  • Nextant

In today's rapidly evolving corporate landscape, organizations face a common challenge: efficiently onboarding new employees to ensure they become productive contributors as quickly as possible. This challenge is exacerbated by the fact that the individuals responsible for imparting knowledge and providing training are often busy with their day-to-day tasks.

This case study explores how Nextant partnered with a Fortune 10 client to revolutionize their onboarding program and address these pressing issues. With a large worldwide workforce, this customer boasts an impressive annual revenue that consistently ranks among the highest in its sector.


The client, a Fortune 10 company, employed thousands of new hires each month across various business units and geographies. The solution would affect around an average of about 600 employees per month, distributed in different business units and geographies, including back-end structure and processes. Their traditional onboarding process required adjustments to keep pace with the sheer volume of new employees and increasing the speed in which new hires became productive.


Nextant embarked on a comprehensive project to redesign the client's onboarding process. This solution was developed in iterative phases, emphasizing content, connections, and experiences. Key elements of the solution included:

Audience Identification:

Utilizing Human Resources databases, Nextant was able to help automate the identification of new hires and the mapping of those new hires to several types of content to enhance their onboarding experience.

The team established processes to identify employees requiring onboarding by applying specific criteria defined by the client. This was particularly challenging due to the client's complex organizational structure, necessitating the use of sophisticated algorithms and data sources for accurate identification.

Automation with Microsoft Power Platform:

To streamline operations, Nextant leveraged Microsoft's Power Platform to automate various aspects of the onboarding process, including identification of new employees when they were hired. This allowed the client to focus on more strategic tasks while reducing operational overhead.

Centralized Content Platform:

A user-centric content platform was developed using PowerApps, providing new hires with easy access to structured onboarding materials. Content was tailored based on the new hire's role, ensuring a personalized and relevant experience for each individual. The platform allowed them to consume content at their own pace and select information according to their specific level of expertise.

Operational Support:

Nextant not only designed the onboarding processes and infrastructure but also took responsibility for day-to-day operations, this includes initiating onboarding activities, managing communications, collecting regular feedback through surveys, and creating informative dashboards for program analysis.

The partnership between Nextant and the client was pivotal to the initiative's success. Nextant exhibited remarkable agility in adapting and modifying the approach as new insights and strategies emerged. As the project evolved, Nextant assembled a team of consultants with diverse skills and backgrounds to ensure the rapid and efficient creation of comprehensive solutions that aligned with the client's vision and needs.

Results and Impact

The end-to-end onboarding solution has yielded significant benefits for the client's organization:

Enhanced Onboarding Experience:

New hires reported feeling more supported, valued, and included in the organization. The structured approach to onboarding fostered a sense of belonging, which was consistently reflected in feedback.

Scalability and Growth: With time, more business units expressed their desire to participate in the corporate onboarding initiative, becoming a key element of the company’s hiring process.

Data-Driven Insights:

Nextant contributed to the development of reports to analyze the correlation and impact of a robust onboarding process on employee productivity. These insights helped the client optimize onboarding across the organization.

In partnership with Nextant, the client successfully transformed its employee onboarding process to adapt to the challenges of the modern work environment. By emphasizing personalization, automation, and support, the client now offers a comprehensive and cohesive onboarding experience for all new hires, fostering a strong sense of belonging and setting them on a path to success. This case study underscores the importance of innovation and adaptability in the ever-evolving field of human resources.


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