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Great Place to Work Certification, Colombia, Mar 2024 & Mar 2025.
Great Place to Work Certification, USA, Mar 2024 & Mar 2025.


Business professionals seated at a table in an office, exchanging handshakes.

At Nextant, we value our team, and we recognize that our people drive the success of our organization. Our consultants have strong expertise in specific areas and a well-rounded business background. All consultants have project management experience, and many have expertise in IT and its applications.

Our employees are self-motivated individuals with a keen desire to solve problems and work collaboratively in partnership with our clients while striving for superior service and deliverables. Our team values integrity and quality, and enables our client's success, while focusing on exceeding client expectations. They provide creative and actionable solutions and strive for excellence in execution.

Most recently, Nextant has been certified as a "Great Place to Work." We could not be prouder of this accomplishment!

Who We Are

We are a group of diverse and talented people who believe strongly in delighting and surprising our clients. We know we can best serve our customers by investing in our employees.

Nextant has a full-time employee model that encourages professional and personal development and retention while aligning company operations to “social impact.” We work hard to play hard. From community outreach to happy hours to team building events, we are always staying connected with each other, our clients, and our community.

We provide a great working environment and growth opportunities for our employees by encouraging and providing venues for training, development, and personal growth.

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A group of professionals in a meeting room with a whiteboard discussing business strategies.

Our Team

Our employees are provided variety, fulfillment, and balance. We offer ongoing training to sharpen your skillset, provide mentorship opportunities and more, to help you succeed in your projects and grow as a consultant. And our team-based approach means you always have someone to collaborate with and share ideas.

A few of our employees and their favorite part about working at Nextant

“One of my favorite things about Nextant is the fact that you get to learn new things everyday, side by side with awesome team members who are always willing to help you grow.”

portrait of alejandro


Senior Consultant

“Nextant is a unique opportunity to witness digital transformation at a global scale.”

portrait of daniel



“Our team-based approach means getting the opportunity to work with a lot of incredibly talented people, to bounce ideas off of each other and be as creative as possible in order to delight our customers.”

portrait of katelyn


Communications Lead

Culture & Values

Nextant’s culture is open, honest, and transparent, striving for an environment that promotes our employees’ and clients’ success. We are passionate about working together to build a professional services organization that offers our clients innovative solutions and our people the opportunity to grow.

Our Values guide our decision-making, rule our business behavior, and deliver long-term benefits to our clients. We understand that we will only be successful if we help our clients achieve sustainable success.

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We Value:


We care for each other, our work, our customers, our communities, and the broader environment and are committed to their well-being.


We work to continuously improve so that we can delight our customers and go above and beyond their expectations.


We focus on teamwork, communication, and cooperation to build long-term relationships and achieve shared goals and objectives.


Diversity & Inclusion:

We are committed to developing an environment that values and respects differences while promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We lead by embracing creativity, exploring new ideas, and seeking ways to enhance processes, products, and services.

Nextant Cares


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