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Case Study

Breaking Barriers: Nextant´s Impact on Organizational Communication

  • Nextant

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any large organization, ensuring that information flows seamlessly and keeps employees engaged. This case study showcases Nextant's remarkable ability to craft and implement a comprehensive communications strategy for a prominent technology organization that stands as a global powerhouse, with its engineering division at its very core. This division's role is pivotal, as it orchestrates the seamless convergence of business operations, engineering excellence, and support functions into a unified internal technology strategy. This strategic alignment empowers the organization to efficiently innovate, deliver cutting-edge solutions, and provide exceptional support to maintain its competitive edge on the global stage. The challenge was to establish a communication framework from scratch in a culturally diverse and geographically dispersed organization, all while minimizing the client's workload.


Following a significant reorganization, the engineering team within this technology giant faced a daunting task: establishing communication channels in a division comprising thousands of employees. Unlike some other divisions, engineering teams often prioritize individual work styles over communication. This created a unique challenge for Nextant: not only to create a structured communication plan but also to engage employees who initially showed little interest in work-related community or culture. The client's prior positive experience with Nextant in a different organization, which embraced communications and team culture, prompted them to seek assistance for this project.


Nextant collaborated closely with the client to identify the five essential priorities for communication within the organization:

Community Engagement:

One of the main challenges while getting started on this project was the initial pushback from the organization overall. The tools and systems that had been utilized were outdated and inefficient, but the organization had a lot of hesitation and resistance to change. Nextant introduced a modern online platform (Microsoft Viva Engage, formerly Yammer) to foster conversations and community building. Using strategic marketing techniques and targeted messaging, Nextant helped establish an active online community.

Team Website:

Nextant created a user-friendly Microsoft SharePoint site from scratch, featuring news displays, valuable resources, and an interactive calendar. This one-stop-shop streamlined information dissemination and complemented the community engagement platform.

Town Hall Meetings:

To accommodate a globally dispersed team, Nextant organized quarterly online Town Hall meetings using Microsoft Teams. These upbeat, hour-long events celebrated achievements and provided important updates.

Monthly Newsletter:

Nextant developed a monthly newsletter series with captivating content and catchy titles, making it eagerly anticipated by team members. This structure efficiently distributed news, shared video recordings and documents.

Executive Communications:

Nextant worked closely with the executive team to develop consistent communication from their perspective. Branding and resources such as Outlook templates ensured quality and consistency in each communication.

In addition, themed videos featuring team members and organization-relevant content were introduced, enhancing engagement through a modern, entertainment-focused approach. These videos were integrated into Town Hall meetings, the Monthly Newsletter, and executive messaging.


Through the implementation of these communication vehicles, Nextant achieved significant results:

Increased Community Engagement:

Engagement on all platforms saw a substantial boost, emphasizing the importance of these channels within the organization.

Newsletter Engagement:

The Monthly Newsletter's interactive brainteasers fostered engagement, and recipients who responded promptly received awards.

SharePoint Site Success:

The SharePoint site became an indispensable resource for team members and served as a model for other teams within the organization.

​Modern Communication Approach:

Nextant successfully modernized communication methods, making them more engaging and effective.

Moreover, it is essential to note that Nextant ensured the highest standards of security and privacy, aligning with the organization's strong focus on these aspects throughout the project.

In conclusion, Nextant's strategic approach and creative solutions transformed communication within this large technology organization, fostering engagement and information flow while maintaining the utmost security and privacy standards.


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