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We combine business acumen with technical skills to help you make the most out of your business. Our close relationship with Microsoft has enabled us to adopt the latest technology early on and help you innovate in a cost-effective way.

Business Application & Power Platform

Nextant has used the Microsoft Power Platform for over 5 years. We have consultants specialized in all Power Platform products with the ability to build anything from simple no code solutions to sophisticated technology solutions that are built in an agile and cost-efficient way.

We have also worked with Dynamics 365 solutions and have experience in implementing solutions across Sales, Marketing and Business Central. Our Power Platform and Dynamics 365 experience makes a perfect combination for modernizing processes in an agile and cost efficient way.

"Nextant has supported my team for the last 6 months in building an application which my organization uses to collect worldwide insights and voice of the field. At the start of the project we had a vision and requirements that were not well defined but the team was able to guide us through the process of refining our requirements, building out the tool in PowerApps & PowerBI, and streamlining our process. They were also nimble when changes needed to be made and very efficient in delivering the work. Our consultants did a fantastic job partnering across the team. I would highly recommend Nextant as a very capable vendor, and one I look forward to partnering with in the future."

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Data & AI

Our team utilizes Data Services available in Azure to implement fundamental data warehouse, and data integration solutions that can be leveraged to perform reporting and analytics procedures of different natures. We also utilize Azure Machine Learning studio to train and deploy predictive models. Since early this year we have been piloting the latest AI technology from Open AI via the Azure Open AI service. This includes utilizing GPT4 models for company internal purposes such as the one utilized by Chat GPT. More recently we have started testing and starting to use Fabric as the main Data solution for our own data scenarios.

“Nextant was a fantastic partner to work with. They took full ownership to develop a new data analysis function and toolset. We designed and built together on an iterative way to build a world class experience. They truly went above and beyond to stay on schedule and deliver a useful toolset."

Customer Testimonial

Our technologies

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