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We are a business consulting and sales operations services company focused on leveraging extensive consulting knowledgebroad expertise on business processes, and existing technologies to design, implement, operate, and track business-impact for our clients. 


Once upon a time, a group of friends worked together as part of a corporate team during the dot com boom. The group consisted of subject-matter experts in their individual business fields. Together, they became effective at evaluating new technologies and business models from a diverse set of perspectives. Their work started getting noticed by other organizations and were asked if they could provide similar advisory services for more clients. After initially declining, the team began to see the logic of converting their multidisciplinary expertise into a stand-alone firm that could work with a variety of clients.


The more they talked, the more the team recognized that their diversity could be a foundational pillar to build on: a true team-based approach to understanding and addressing business needs. Meetings started in a small room above a community center, which was dubbed "The Treehouse.” Now with a dedicated space, the team began outlining how they could help companies improve their strategic approach and operational models. Working out of The Treehouse, in 2001 Nextant was born.


The Nextant Team has come a long way since their Treehouse discussions. The company is now a multinational professional services firm, with offices in Houston, Seattle, and Bogota and a presence throughout the Americas. Since then, they have worked on hundreds of projects for a wide range of Fortune 500 companies. Nextant is proud of their diversity and team-based approach which remains a core part of their DNA. Though The Treehouse has since been abandoned, we are happy to report that the Nextant founders are still great friends.


We consistently delight and exceed customers’ expectations by:

  • Delivering and creating value through business solutions focused on business impact and client’s success.

  • Providing consistent and reliable services focused on high-quality, efficiency, accuracy, and positive business results. 

  • Leveraging innovative technologies and tools to deliver solutions that make business operations easier and more productive.

  • Anticipating needs and developing innovative and effective business solutions without compromising quality. 

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