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Case Study

Enhancing Sales Enablement with Microsoft Power Platform

  • Nextant

Discover the transformative journey outlined in our newest case study, showcasing Nextant's pivotal role in revolutionizing sales enablement for a global tech giant. As a forefront innovator, Nextant spearheaded the development of a tailored Microsoft Power Platform solution, enhancing the sales and marketing processes for a flagship product within the enterprise.


Our client, a global technology giant operating across diverse domains, faced the challenge of selling a cutting-edge product. This product offers customizable configurations tailored to each customer’s unique needs. However, the complexity of the product, coupled with the vast array of customer requirements, posed a significant hurdle for the sales team.

The client’s sales department needed a streamlined approach to present the product’s features, pricing, and configuration options to potential buyers. The existing documentation, comprising an intricate spreadsheet and a complex flow document, needed to be presented as a user-friendly experience for the sales force.


To address this challenge, Nextant proposed a solution leveraging Microsoft Power Platform. Here’s how we transformed the sales enablement process:

Power Platform Tool Development:

We developed a custom tool using Power Platform, specifically Power Apps. This tool served as a central hub for all product-related information, accessible to the sales team.

SharePoint Integration: The tool drew data from a SharePoint site maintained by the marketing team. Marketing personnel easily update and upload relevant content, ensuring that the information remained current and accurate.

User-Friendly Interface: Upon launching the tool, sales representatives would select the customer’s role within the organization. The tool dynamically displays relevant details based on the chosen role.

Role-Specific Information: For each customer role (e.g., IT manager, business analyst, executive), the tool presents relevant information that help sellers have a customer centric conversation about their specific needs and provide role-specific scenarios on how the product can help meet their objectives and KPIs.

Tailored Offer Creation: Based on the customer’s role and budget information, sales representatives can now evaluate different configuration alternatives with the client. The tool facilitates the creation of personalized offers to present to the client.

Support Materials and Collaboration: The tool also provides access to support materials, ensuring that sales reps have everything they need for effective client interactions. It highlighted internal teams and collaboration points necessary for successful solution delivery.

Streamlined Pitching Process: Armed with this comprehensive information, sales representatives can now confidently engage in conversations with potential buyers. They can discuss specific features, benefits, and pricing options, aligning the product with the customer’s unique context.


Consolidated Information: All relevant data now resides in a single, user-friendly tool, eliminating the need to juggle multiple documents simplifying the sales workflow. Sales reps can quickly access the information they need, enhancing efficiency.

Time Savings and Cost Efficiency: Across the large-scale sales force, time savings translated into significant cost savings.

The streamlined process allowed reps to focus on selling rather than searching for scattered data.

Easy Updates and Optimization: Marketing and sales teams can easily update information, ensuring accuracy and relevance. The tool optimizes data flow and presentation, making it digestible for both reps and clients.

Enhanced Sales and Marketing Strategy: Clear, concise information delivery improved the overall sales and marketing strategy.

The tool empowered reps to confidently engage clients, resulting in better customer experiences.

With Nextant's Power Platform solution, sales teams are equipped to navigate complexity with ease, delivering unparalleled value to clients while driving business growth. Experience the Nextant advantage today and revolutionize your sales journey!


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