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Case Study

Improve Collaboration and Efficiency Through Centralized Information and Communications Using Microsoft SharePoint

  • Nextant


A multinational corporation renowned for its innovation in software and technology solutions faced a challenge within the orientation process for new graduates. With more than 140,000 employees worldwide, the focus was on a department formed by recent university graduates with no prior experience. The primary need was to centralize all documents and experiences related to career requirements and professional development support. Previously, there was no centralized repository, and communication was managed through calls, leading to a fragmented, manual, and time-consuming process that varied across different countries. There was no effective way to track progress or standardize procedures.


To address this, a comprehensive SharePoint site was developed. The portal included various features to streamline and enhance the orientation process:

Main menu with diverse content: Easy navigation through different sections.

Document and news repository: Centralized storage for important documents and news.

Global Resources: Accessible to all stakeholders (managers, champs, and students) with tailored resources.

Event Calendar: Centralized calendar for events.

Community Calls Archive: Library of past events and relevant videos and documents.

Information about the Community Calls: Highlights key team members and resources for new hires.

Community Spotlights: General stories and news updates.

Monthly Newsletters: Archives of newsletters for each month.

Search Menus:  For specific topics and content.

Area Section: Detailed process of becoming a new graduate with various embedded documents.

General Resources.

Access Restrictions: Tailored access based on stakeholder roles (managers, students, etc.).

Stakeholder Permissions: Different levels of access control (Full control, Design, Edit, Contribute, Read, Restricted View).

Frequently Asked Questions: Centralized FAQ section.

As part of the project, Nextant has been responsible for maintaining the SharePoint site with ongoing maintenance, ensuring continuous content support to keep the site up-to-date and visually appealing. Additionally, Nextant performs updates based on client inputs, ensuring that the information is both accurate and relevant. This process guarantees that any changes or new information provided by the client are promptly reflected on the site, maintaining its utility and precision.


The new SharePoint solution significantly improved the orientation process by centralizing information and resources, standardizing procedures, and enabling efficient tracking and management. This led to:

Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlined processes reduced manual efforts and time spent on orientation tasks.

Improved Communication: Centralized repository facilitated better communication and resource sharing.

Standardized Procedures: Consistent orientation experience across different regions.

Better Tracking: Easier to monitor progress and follow up with new graduates.

Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the enhanced orientation and training experience to new graduates and the ease of access to necessary resources. The project, which began two years ago, continues to evolve with new pages, updated access controls, and ongoing maintenance. The initial version took approximately four months to complete, with regular updates and improvements being made to ensure the site remains effective and user-friendly.


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