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Program Execution

Driving initiatives and operationalizing processes to execute programs with a high level of control and predictability.

Budget Management

Managing program budgets and scope to ensure that appropriate spend is allocated to the correct program activities and expenses are tracked through intuitive reporting.


Business and Program Rhythms

Establishing and running processes, checklists, workback schedules, and communications that operationalize program/business rhythm and lead to desired rhythm outcomes.


Business Process Execution

Supporting the design, execution, and tracking of key business processes to ensure predictable outcomes and results aligned with organizational/program goals.


Community Engagement 

Developing comprehensive and intuitive community engagement plans, processes, and frameworks supported by key community engagement vehicles.


Data Processing and Data Hygiene

Collecting and managing data in efficient ways, tracking key program data points, and taking actions to clean up or validate data with input from diverse stakeholders.


Event Management

Managing preparation, facilitation, and follow-up activities associated with onsite and virtual corporate events; including logistics, content prep, and post-event reporting.


Field Support

Supporting field account teams and individual sellers through request queue management, guidance toward seller resources, and direct coaching on corporate processes.


Intake Mechanisms and Processes

Establishing efficient processes to manage new requests, consolidate stakeholder feedback, and produce reports on intake operations and follow-up actions required.


Knowledge Management

Developing, maintaining, and updating program knowledge documentation, including readiness materials such as playbooks, walking decks, and FAQ pages.


Multi-Time Zone and Language coverage

Managing the efficient operation of programs for organizations with stakeholders located across the globe, including multiple time zones and languages as required.


Onboarding Support

Providing white glove support for new organizational resources and helping onboard stakeholders to ensure consistent initial experiences with program processes and tools.


Program Governance and Change Control

Identifying necessary operational process changes, creating change documentation, and establishing mechanisms to prevent interruption to strategic operational processes.


Program Infrastructure

Building and managing the assets and infrastructure that are essential to program success, including SharePoint portals, support systems, and collateral documentation.


Resource Orchestration

Working closely with diverse groups of program stakeholders to ensure that necessary actions for the program’s success are completed consistently and predictably.


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