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The Leading Onboarding Solution for All

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Take a Strategic Approach During the Onboarding Experience

Evolve your organization’s onboarding from a procedural activity to a value-generating strategic process

Work Desk

Technology & Expertise

Our Solutions are standard packages of services and cutting edge technology to help customers address common business problems and opportunities.


We bring the level of sophistication and experience from F100 organizations to help mid-size organizations address their issues in an efficient and high-quality way.

What Makes the All-in-One Onboarding Solution Different?

Based on F100 Best Practices

Our standardized onboarding framework is built on best practices from F100 companies. We use that as a foundation and tailor it to your organization’s reality to increase success and value generation.

Process, Technology & Automation

Using a framework adapted to your organization we utilize our technology solution to bring your onboarding process and program to life including automation of operational processes.

Tracking & Impact Measuring

We utilize our standard set of onboarding KPIs and select the most impactful to your organization. Real-time reporting makes it easy to track progress and impact at the company, team and individual level.

We consider all the stakeholders involved in the onboarding process.

A business dashboard displaying key metrics and data for efficient decision-making.





Connected Onboarding as a Foundation for Success.

We can help you design your onboarding based on our onboarding framework.


Finalize paperwork and logistics in preparation for onboarding.


Complete required training courses and start on the job training.


Ensure new hire is familiar and understanding of with the company as a whole and completes basic HR, compliance and role onboarding.


Process and program designed to enable employee long term professional development.


Relationship building activities for new hire to socialize and get acquainted with teams and stakeholders.

A woman and a man engaged in a video call, communicating through a digital platform.

The strategic role of onboarding in achieving organizational excellence

Find out why good onboarding practices matter to your organization and how it can help you engage your team, boost productivity, and enable business growth.

Book a discovery session with us.

Get in touch with us so we can start working together to help you design an engaging and efficient onboarding process.

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