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Sales Model Optimization

Accelerating results and optimizing sales operations through processes and programs aligned with organizational strategies.

Deal Acceleration Programs

Managing programs that accelerate strategic deal closure by ensuring that the right resources, de-risking tools, and investments are applied consistently and at the right time.


Marketing and Sales Connection

Designing and running processes that improve marketing and sales coordination while ensuring that marketing activities result in sales traction and business impact.


Sales Forecasting

Utilizing data modeling to produce sales forecasts at various levels of granularity built upon trusted data sets; including historic sales, pipeline, and growth assumptions.


Sales Incentive Program and Sales Contest Design

Designing programs that align strategic and financial goals with incentives that drive impactful seller behavior; including sales contests and formal compensation plans.


Sales Process Design and Optimization

Optimizing sales processes that enable account teams to close deals and empower corporate teams to drive predictable, consistent, and successful sales outcomes.


Sales Program Design and Operations

Designing efficient sales programs that align sales execution with company priorities and operations activities that support the consistent achievement of program objectives.


Sales Quota Setting and Management

Establishing effective sales quotas and management processes that utilize process inputs and various data sources to adjust quotas and drive seller and company success.


Sales ROB

Supporting sales leadership with standardized checkpoints, intuitive reports, and consistent processes that facilitate informed decision making throughout ROB activities.


Sales Segmentation

Supporting effective sales segmentation activities, account management models, and GTM investment processes that optimize sales and marketing resources.


Upsell, Cross-Sell Targeting and Geo Expansion

Applying data modeling to target high growth potential customer accounts and markets for specific upsell and cross-sell opportunities based on established sales plays.


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