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Project Management

Aligning projects and initiatives with company strategies to drive excellence and consistency in project completion.

Agile / SCRUM

Utilizing Agile methodology to run efficient, iterative, and incremental project management; including SCRUM meetings and teams, sprints, retrospectives, and backlogs


Change Management

Supporting individuals and teams with changes to their organization, processes and technology; including identifying impacts, documenting changes, and leading trainings.


Cost Management

Estimating and planning for project costs including budgeting, funding, and procurement; also includes cost control and reporting on costs throughout the project life cycle.



Producing clear and concise project documentation for diverse groups of technical and non-technical stakeholders; including knowledge assets and external documents.


Planning and Timeline

Developing plans and timelines that identify key events, dependencies, and risks; also formulating proactive strategies to drive project activities aligned with a desired timeline


Portfolio Management

Managing project portfolios aligned with strategic organizational goals; including new project/initiative intake processes and ROB status updates for leadership/stakeholders.


Project Management Tools

Utilizing project management tools including Microsoft Project, Azure DevOps, and Microsoft Planner to ensure project teams remain organized and on track to achieve key objectives.


Resource Management

Defining roles and responsibilities to match organizational priorities and project workstreams/tasks with the individual skillsets and knowledge required for their success.


Rhythm and Cadence

Defining and managing workstream rhythms for key stakeholder groups; including checkpoints, steering committees, communications, and other project engagement activities.


Risk and Issue Management

Identifying project risks and issues, defining potential impacts on workstreams, and developing mitigation plans to reduce impacts and probabilities of occurrence.


Scope Management

Ensuring project objectives are aligned with desired outcomes and defined following an established methodology (SMART or similar) to prevent unnecessary tasks.


Stakeholder Management

Identifying the people and teams likely to be impacted by a project, developing strategies to gather stakeholder input/support, and producing stakeholder heatmaps.


Success Measurement

Utilizing objective definitions to establish measurable outcomes aligned with key project milestones and tracking benefit realization to determine return over investment.


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