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Nextant unveils All-In-One Onboarding Solution for virtually every company in every industry

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Companies will be able to elevate an often-overlooked onboarding process into a strategic foundation for business success.

Seattle, October 18th,2023

Nextant (, an innovative business consulting firm committed to inspiring excellence and empowering success, is thrilled to introduce "All-In-One Onboarding," a groundbreaking solution leveraging best practices from F100 companies that revolutionize the employee onboarding process for organizations of different sizes and industries.

The Nextant’s All-In-One Onboarding solution is focused on evolving the employee onboarding experience from a people’s process into a strategic business process. “You only get one chance to make a first impression, and our solution empowers clients to leave an indelible mark on their newly hired team members,” said Juan Felipe Jimenez, the Product Manager behind this innovative offering. “We are shifting onboarding into a value-driven strategic process that enhances efficiency, productivity, and employee retention,” added Mr. Jimenez.

Nextant's solution transforms onboarding into a strategic asset, ensuring that new employees adapt quickly and contribute meaningfully to the organization's objectives. Key features of the All-In-One Onboarding include:

1. F100 Best Practices:

Nextant's standardized onboarding framework is built on best practices derived from Fortune 100 (F100) companies, ensuring your organization benefits from the industry's gold standard. This foundation is scaled to make it accessible to medium-sized organizations and allow meticulous tailoring to your organization's unique requirements, optimizing success and value generation.

2. Process, Technology & Automation:

By adapting the framework to your organization's needs, Nextant harnesses cutting-edge technology to bring your onboarding process and program to life. The inclusion of automation streamlines operational processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity, and helps solve a key pain point that we often hear from our customers.

3. Tracking and Impact Measuring:

Nextant's All-In-One Onboarding employs a set of standard onboarding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) customized to your organization's goals. Real-time reporting capabilities provide the ability to track progress and measure impact at the company, team, and individual levels, ensuring that onboarding efforts consistently deliver value.

4. Stakeholder-Centric Approach:

Recognizing the importance of all stakeholders involved in the onboarding process, Nextant's solution considers the perspectives and needs of new hires, hiring managers, and human resource representatives, among other groups. This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic, successful onboarding experience for all.

5. Our Onboarding Framework:

"Connected Onboarding as a Foundation for Success" is the core of our framework, which is designed to guide organizations through the onboarding process: Preparation, Orientation, Get Connected, Training and Acclimation, and Onboarding Closure.

Committed to its mission of delivering innovative and impactful solutions to improve customers' business operations, Nextant introduces a transformative employee onboarding solution, enabling clients to turn a critical process often overlooked by organizations into a strategic process that will set companies for business success. “We are excited about bringing this powerful solution to organizations of different sizes and industries," said Walther Franco, Chief Executive Officer of Nextant. "We are providing a comprehensive, technology-driven solution that enables businesses to unlock the full potential of their onboarding process and, ultimately, their talent."

To learn more about Nextant's "All-In-One Onboarding" solution and how it can elevate your organization's onboarding experience, please visit or contact Natalia Fonseca at

About Nextant

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Nextant is a Business Consulting and Team Augmentation firm empowering people to deliver excellence through innovative and impactful solutions that improve customers’ business operations. Nextant is a minority and diverse-owned company specializing in helping customers identify, develop, and implement strategic initiatives to strengthen and optimize their business.

Learn more about Nextant by visiting the company’s website at or requesting information by emailing


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